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Expert Memory Assessment in London 

Cognitive Clarity in the Heart of London


Expert Memory Test and Assessment in Central London

At Fitzrovia Medical Clinic, we offer a specialised memory assessment service, designed for individuals noticing changes in their cognitive functions. Situated in the heart of London, our clinic is a hub for those seeking a thorough understanding of their memory health. Whether it's concerns about age-related memory changes or early signs of conditions like Alzheimer's, our team of experts provides comprehensive evaluations, ensuring peace of mind and clarity for our patients.

Personalised and Compassionate Care For Your Memory Assessment

Understanding the nuances of memory health, Fitzrovia Medical Clinic tailors its assessments to each individual. Our approach goes beyond standard memory tests; we delve into personal medical history and lifestyle factors, offering a holistic assessment experience. This personalised care is particularly reassuring for those who may be typing 'memory check-up' or 'cognitive assessment' into their search engines, looking for answers and professional guidance in London.


Advanced Memory Diagnostic Techniques and Support

Leveraging the latest in diagnostic technology, Fitzrovia Medical Clinic ensures accurate and informative memory assessments. Patients from across London and beyond choose us for our state-of-the-art facilities and supportive environment. After assessment, we provide detailed feedback and recommendations, assisting those who've searched for 'memory assessment clinic' or 'cognitive health evaluation' in making informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Fitzrovia Medical Clinic: Leading the Way in Memory Assessment and Cognitive Health in London

Located in the heart of London, Fitzrovia Medical Clinic is a centre of excellence for memory assessment, offering advanced services for individuals concerned about their cognitive health. Our clinic is recognised for its comprehensive approach to diagnosing and managing memory-related conditions.

Personalised Memory Assessment Services in London

We understand that concerns about memory can be deeply unsettling. That's why our memory assessment services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient. From the initial consultation to detailed cognitive evaluations, our approach is patient-centric and compassionate. We cater to a wide range of needs, from those noticing mild memory lapses to individuals with significant concerns that may suggest conditions like dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Expert Team of Cognitive Health Specialists

Our clinic is staffed by an experienced team of cognitive health specialists, including neurologists, psychiatrists, and geriatricians, who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our memory assessment services. They utilise the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to evaluate memory function, ensuring that each assessment is as accurate and informative as possible.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Process

The diagnostic process at Fitzrovia Medical Clinic involves a combination of clinical evaluation, cognitive testing, and, when necessary, advanced imaging techniques. This thorough approach ensures that we understand the full picture of each patient's cognitive health. Whether it's identifying early signs of dementia or distinguishing between different types of cognitive impairments, our team is skilled in providing accurate diagnoses.

Supportive and Informative Consultations

Every step of the assessment process is conducted in a supportive and non-intimidating environment. We ensure that patients are fully informed and comfortable throughout their assessments. Our specialists take the time to explain each aspect of the testing process and are always available to answer questions and address concerns.


Tailored Recommendations and Follow-Up Care

Following the assessment, we provide personalized recommendations based on each patient's specific needs and circumstances. Whether it's lifestyle advice, cognitive therapies, or referral to other specialists, our team is dedicated to supporting our patients' cognitive health in every way possible. We also offer follow-up care to monitor progress and adjust care plans as needed.

Collaborative Approach to Memory Health

Recognising that memory health is often interconnected with other aspects of wellness, we take a collaborative approach to treatment. Our specialists work closely with other departments within the clinic to ensure a holistic approach to patient care. This multi-faceted strategy is particularly effective in managing complex cases where memory impairment may be linked to other health issues.

Accessible Memory Test Services in Central London

Fitzrovia Medical Clinic's central location in London makes it easily accessible for those seeking memory assessment services. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate our patients’ busy lives, ensuring that accessing our services is convenient and stress-free.


At Fitzrovia Medical Clinic, we are committed to providing exceptional mental health and memory assessment services to those in London and beyond. Our clinic's combination of expert staff, advanced diagnostic techniques, and patient-centred care makes us a leading choice for anyone concerned about their memory and cognitive health. We are dedicated to helping our patients understand their cognitive condition and providing the support and guidance needed to manage their cognitive health effectively.

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